・paper + wood 2・

Any ideas what building here is..? somebody’s living room/tea room/restaurant..? It’s my best friend’s udon noodle bar in my home town – west of Tokyo. In this interior, my ‘likes’ are everywhere.. minimal/wooden tables with tatami chairs (*tatami=japanese plant igusa)/ and most importantly.. the beautiful […]

・ paper + wood ・

日本滞在の間、こちらで既に様々な場所を旅している。 いつもかえってくるたびに、 生まれ育った地でありながら何か新しいことを発見できることのちいさな幸せ。 その中で感じたこと。 にほんの人々はごく自然に「紙」と「木」と共存しているということ。 そして、紙と木に囲まれた生活の居心地のいいこと。 日本にずっと住んでいたら気がついていなかったかもしれない。 もちろんプラスッチック製の量販化されたものに押され気味であることは否めないけれど。 ここでは私が発見した紙と木のものを写真で紹介したい。 − As my annual ritual (!) , I’m back in Japan with my children – every time I come back to Japan, I always find something new.. this time, it’s paper + wood. and they are […]

origami stars made by music sheets

for this years’s christmas, i set out to make completely new folds – origami starts – with old music sheets which were used by my husband. these papers were in very good condition/sturdy/ and even faded with sun, they would look good or sometimes better. […]

crepe papers for 3D croissant cards

these are made with Japanese ‘chirimen crepe paper’ (compressed thread paper) – these papers were produced as early as 1880s in Tokyo for children’s book making. this paper is resistant to tearing and has beautiful tiny-wavy texture effect. Made especially for Bakery47.

party bags for my daughter’s birthday party

i’m not a big fan of conventional plastic party bags – so i thought how i can avoid to use them for my daughter’s party.. then remembered that i had a really nice magazine i bought in Tokyo and decided to use them for making […]

Refugee Festival Scotland

: : Refugee Festival Scotland 2015 : : misa took part in a drop-in origami workshop as part of Refugee Festival Scotland 2015! at the welcome tent which situated at the top of Buchanan Street – i met so many lovely faces from all age groups […]

Mobile Making Workshop at Bakery47.

First mobile making workshop was held at Bakery47 on Sunday 24th May, 2015. Three lovely ladies joined in my workshop and we started off by folding a piece of paper to ‘introduce’ ourselves. Everyone of us came with unique shapes based on their feelings and […]