Artstore Made in Glasgow

projects / work

to have been selected to be featured in the whole left hand window at Artstore as part of Made in Glasgow for November 2014. This work took me to a totally different level to work/design a window display and create festive cards and mobiles 2 months before Christmas. I only set up this business back in May the same year and 6 months later, my work was saying hello to lovely folks on one of the most prominent area of Glasgow. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Stefanie at Artstore who supported me in this project and helped my business reach out a wider audience. Shortly after this, I’ve got given paid workshop opportunities from people who saw my window display..

For most cards and mobiles, I used upcycled papers from Commonwealth booklets which took place in Glasgow during summer 2014. Enjoyed putting a second life into this past papers and see what motifs would come up for people to spot something recognisable/remember fond memories of commonwealth games.

short film taken by Stephanie.