Yorkhill Children’s Hospital.

projects / work, workshops

While I was hospitalised due to meningitis for 3 weeks, how much I have wished for doing some arty workshops.. based on my own experience, I have decided to venture out to the Yorkhill to provide one-to-one and group workshops for children and young people.

At 2 different wards, depending on their age/illness, I was carrying out one-to-one origami workshop to make either very simple folds for smaller children or santa boots for them to hang beside their beds. Quite often, their parents/carers would join us too – when they see the outcomes of origami, gentle/beautiful smiles appear – such a beautiful sight. I can see by ‘massaging’ the papers in to the shapes, we then will be loosened mentally and physically..

I ended my day with a visit to the room where children and their parents would wait before going through minor surgeries. Again, we had a good laugh and folds together.