・paper + wood 2・


Any ideas what building here is..?
somebody’s living room/tea room/restaurant..?

It’s my best friend’s udon noodle bar in my home town – west of Tokyo.

In this interior, my ‘likes’ are everywhere..
minimal/wooden tables with tatami chairs (*tatami=japanese plant igusa)/
and most importantly.. the beautiful paper lamp shades.

There are absolutely nothing to disturb these elements – so simple and minimal like typical Japanese traditional homes.

I was here to catch up with my friend – her dad owns this bar and he still makes amazing udon from scratch here. Stunningly crisp tempuras are his specialty too!

While I was waiting for my friend, I noticed how beautiful these paper lamps were.
I’ve come and eaten here so many times since  I was tiny but never noticed them at all. (!)

So simple but when soft/warm orange light comes through the paper, its texture floats on beautiful paper and it’s indescribably beautiful.

I asked her dad where he found it – he said ‘ I made it. ‘

He explained he used ‘shoji papers’ which are commonly used for Japanese sliding doors for Tatami rooms. My family home has shoji doors too and they are my favourite style of doors as they can send me lovely soft sun colours through the papers.

Only the power of paper can do that job – Ojisan’s  (We call friend’s dad as ‘ojisan in Japan instead of their first names. ) lamps have not a single folds or amazing technics. Sugoi.

Now I’m in search of good shoji papers..

A photo with Japanese sweetie was a wee gift from my friend to go with our green tea.
Love how Japanese wrappings/presentations were so carefully thought out to please our eyes plus a wee wooden stick which comes with this sweets was wrapped beautifully with origami-shaped bag. Attention to details = Japan. (sometimes too much!)

I will introduce more places in a couple of days time  I’ve visited so far as part of my journey to find artisan papers/stationary makers. I’ve got some goodies too for a lucky one person! Will keep you posted…