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Origami – paper folding –
has been an important part of my life since childhood in Tokyo, Japan.
It was here that I developed a passion for education during three amazing years teaching children after school.My journey then brought me to Glasgow via the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, where I specialised in self-esteem counselling for children and young people, gaining a Masters in Education (MEd). During this time I taught children with severe mental and behavioural difficulties, devising various projects to encourage creativity, confidence and ultimately, self esteem. Origami was at the heart of this process.

The art and action of folding paper decreases anxiety and tension whilst providing a focal point for personal, creative expression.I became deeply convinced of origami’s therapeutic potential during a recent struggle with post-natal depression, ultimately giving birth to my business, Misa Kanno on May 3rd 2014.

I hope to reach out and delight you through my products and workshops.
Let’s fold our way to happiness together.

Text editing: Beinn Watson