Glasgow shirt 2.

/ / Glasgow shirts – ame – / / glasgow rains a lot – i mean a LOT throughout the year. most of the year seems like a rainy season for me. in tokyo where i was born/raised, we do have a distinct rainy season […]

Glasgow shirt 1.

/ / Glasgow (windy) shirt / / glasgow gets a lot of gales/storms = windy days! inspired by glaswegian wind, i created this for Welcome Home situated in CCA. (Centre for Contemporary Arts) – – – グラスゴーは嵐や風が吹く日がとっても多いのです。 そのグラスゴーの風にインスピレーションを受けつくったのが「グラスゴーシャツ」。 CCAギャラリー内にあるWelcome Homeショップのためにつくりました。

misa kanno mobile

/ / very first misa kanno mobile – born in March 2014. / / this was specifically designed/made for Whitespace KIDS, Glasgow. my journey of mobile making began with a brief conversation with the lovely shop owner, Carla. she was wondering if i could try making […]