praise / 声 

“My several hanging origami mobiles and newest addition Kusudama mobile(medicine paper balls filled with potpourri) are a testament to Misa’s unending patience and generosity in sharing her craft and culture with us.
Every calming workshop experience is a journey inspiring us to slow down, breathe in and relax allowing our fingers to do the talking and folding while coaxing gorgeous paper into an art form.
It is thanks to Misa i have learnt this new skill I am proud to have and keep on going back for more.
A very healthy addiction and one I highly recommend!”
Jules Abensur

‘Misa’s kusudama class was amazing. As a busy mum, it was a real treat to take a couple of hours out to sit in the calm surrounds of Bakery 47 and create something beautiful. As a course leader Misa was clear, patient and full of good suggestions. The company was great and the cakes and coffee were a bonus. Definitely on my wish list for next time!’
Clare Harris